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The operator is responsible for the operation of a commercial motor vehicle which includes such things as the conduct of the driver, the mechanical safety and condition of the vehicle, the shipping of goods or passengers in the vehicle, load security, maintenance records and inspection reports to name a few.

Commercial driver’s and operators alike are aware that the Commercial Vehicle Operator′s Registration (CVOR) System is an automated monitoring system that tracks the on-road safety performance of commercial vehicle operators.  It includes such things as the carrier’s information, but most importantly the violation rate and the safety rating, which can ultimately lead to audits and sanctions by the MTO.

The violation rate and the safety rating are directly related to traffic tickets issued as a result of accidents, moving violations, inspections and facility audits.  Traffic tickets impact the driver and operator alike.

Traffic Tickets can be issued by an MTO Officer or OPP Officer or a Local Law Enforcement Agency to a commercial driver or operator or both for any number of reasons which will directly affect the commercial driver and operator, as such;

Commercial Driver

  • The conviction will remain on your driving record for 3 years.

  • Demerit points.

  • The fine.

  • Higher insurance rates.

  • Employment issues as a driver. You may be deemed a high-risk driver given the number or types of convictions.


  • The incident and the conviction will affect your rating for 2 years.

  • CVOR points.

  • The fine.

  • A lower safety rating, which can affect licensing fees with the Ministry of Transportation.

  • Higher insurance rates.

  • Ministry interventions and sanctions.

The most common offences issued to a commercial driver or operator are;

  • Drive Commercial Motor Vehicle with a Major Defect

  • Detached Wheel – Commercial Motor Vehicle

  • Drive Commercial Motor Vehicle – Part Detached

  • Enter Inaccurate or False Information in Daily Log

  • Fail to Display Device

  • Fail to Stop Commercial Vehicle for Examination

  • Fail to Assist in Examination of Commercial Vehicle

  • Operate Unsafe Commercial Motor Vehicle

  • Permit Operation of Unsafe Commercial Motor Vehicle

  • Push Road Stroke Exceeds Prescribed Limit Commercial Motor Vehicle

  • Drive After 16 Hours without 8 Hours Off

  • Fail to Ensure Performance Standards are Met

  • Fail to Keep Proper Daily Log

  • Fail to Surrender Daily Log

  • Overweight Commercial Vehicle

  • Insecure Load

  • Commercial Vehicle Follow Too Closely 

CLICK here to view all offences and the CVOR Conviction Code Table.

 If issued a ticket, there are 3 options available to you.

  • Pay the fine.  The conviction will be on your record for a period of 3 years.

  • Guilty with an explanation.  Attend the court office located on the back of the ticket and plead guilty to the charge as is and make submissions so as to have the fine lowered or granted more time to pay the fine.  With this option, they will not reduce the demerit points nor the CVOR points nor the nature of the offence nor dismiss the ticket.

  • Request a court date.  This is the only option that allows you the opportunity to challenge the evidence of the officer so as to have the charge and/or demerit points and/or CVOR points dismissed or reduced.

You have 15 days from the offence date to make a decision.  Weigh the pros and cons of every option available to.  Calculate the cost of fighting your ticket and weigh it against your increasing insurance premium and the impact on your driving record and CVOR rating.