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Unfortunately, one of the most common ways that people come into contact with the legal system or law enforcement is through the issuance of a traffic ticket. No matter how careful of a driver you are, the odds are that you will eventually get one. The stress, inconvenience and financial impact that can follow the issuance of a traffic ticket can be staggering. If you have received a traffic ticket, consulting with us may save you time, money, demerit points and a suspension of your driver's licence.

It rarely ever makes sense to plead guilty

BOB KUTLESA, founder

As the Provincial Prosecutor, I was responsible for the prosecution of all driving offences as set out in the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario and all statutes that are governed by the Provincial Offences Act.  Upon leaving the Crown Attorney's Office, TTAS was created on the principle that my clients were ensured the most effective representation in court. I recognize that my clients’ success in court is directly related to our success as a company.

Years of Experience

TTAS -TRAFFIC TICKET ADVISORY SERVICES Professional Corporation was created in 2002 and our firm has years of experience in Traffic Court, and we can utilize that experience and insight to ensure the best result for you.

We have a well earned reputation for providing aggressive and high quality representation.

About Our Fees

As part of our initial free consultation, we will make an assessment of your case. Based on this assessment, we will quote you an all inclusive block fee to represent you in this matter.  This block fee represents the total cost for our services.  There are no hidden costs or additional fees.  When you hire us, all monies that are paid are held in a trust account and these funds are only ever transferred to us once the file is concluded.

Free Consultation

Call me today, Bob Kutlesa, for your free initial consultation.  You will have the opportunity to explain to me what happened so that I can assess your situation and answer any questions you may have. After the consultation, you can then decide if wish to retain our services.